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Proposição #45: Hockey Rules

 postado em terça-feira, 08 de maio de 2018, 02:51h by David uwagboe

Some websites include overtime on some hockey matches while some don't. It'll be good if this can be noted and users warned of this, just lost 168gbp to this.

terça-feira, 08 de maio de 2018, 07:45h

Thanks for your feedback! We will recheck the rules. It would be really helpful if you name the bookies when you see a different hockey rules.

David uwagboe
terça-feira, 08 de maio de 2018, 08:40h

it was the Total Goals market on 1xbet and betfairSB (Washington Capitals @ Pittsburgh Penguins - Total Goals Even/odd). 1xbet doesn't put overtime into account while BetfairSB does. That's how I ended up loose my total stake of 168gbp. I'll personally stay away from NHL and even hockey generally.

terça-feira, 08 de maio de 2018, 08:51h

Thank you for your help.

quarta-feira, 28 de novembro de 2018, 09:43h

I lost 100k (Naira) to this disparity of OT in hockey game. !xbet doensn't include OT while merrybet does. Please review hockey game rule with bookies that have the same OT rule and remove 1xbet from hockey games. 1xbet use OT as a trap for unsuspecting arber playing hockey game. 35% profit will attract anyone to go for a game and stake on it. Importantly, arbs percentage aren't forth coming like before, the profit percentage has reduced drastically and hardly you see a Nigerian bookie to cross with foreign bookie. Please put Nigerian arbers into consideration and give us games that merge properly for us to stake and maximizeprofit. Subscription is running, data is burning and nothing is achieve for two weeks now. Admin kindly take note and do something real fast. Cheers.

Jefer Reis
quinta-feira, 27 de fevereiro de 2020, 19:26h

também tive perda da mesma maneira.

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