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Proposition #182: Please upgrade the system for "Automatic addition of the outcome to the basket"

 Posted on November 10, 2019 08:08 by Chido

Please upgrade the system for "Automatic addition of the outcome to the basket" in order to utilize our time needed to place bets easily and faster. Moreover, most arb links (12) in the list don't take you straight to the chosen event on the bookmaker site thereby consuming a lot of time. It should be noted that scanned arbs don't last long on display (very dynamic)

Agbogu Onyeka Justice
November 11, 2019 18:55

Yes I support this

James kelvin
November 16, 2019 12:31

that's what am about to propose too. i didn't know someone else already propose it. i support this kind of additional feature

November 22, 2019 08:32

Live arbs for Africans is very welcome development. It is great improvement & plus/added advantage for Arbers. Admin, congratulations & thanks for this feat (grest achievement). Keep it up. But due to dynamic nature of scanned arbs in the Prematch & even more dynamism in Live mode, this "Automatic addition of the outcome to the basket" is strongly advised to avoid mistakes & loss of revenue. Admin, take very important note of this recommendation. Period.

Oluwaseun Olamilekan
January 26, 2020 22:55

I support it

Faba Fabaa
February 20, 2020 11:27

Any update to this proposition?

October 15, 2020 14:35

I support it that would be great

January 22, 2021 21:58

Please consider to put this feature like an option, to be paid appart of the present fees. In order to not overcost the tool to all users. The present fee is very good to users like me that have a little cashier.

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