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Proposition #155: Bet9ja scanner is lagging behind by around 5 minutes

 Posted on August 31, 2019 08:14 by Mbagwu Ezeugo Martin

Admin please fix the bet9ja scanner. .It is lagging behind and doesn't display the odds on the bet9ja website in real time. It is too slow to update which is not a good thing for arbing

Badmus Oluwadamilola
August 31, 2019 08:16

Very true

Kelechi onwuka
August 31, 2019 08:19

This is true breaking-bet.com please fix this thanks

August 31, 2019 08:25

This is the latest link to the bet9ja new url. It is quite diff from the previous one your scanner is using https://mobile.bet9ja.com/Mobile we won't mind if you remove the bet9ja just the way you did to pinnacle. Bet9ja is one of the power house for arbing in Nigeria.

Muhammed Riliwan
August 31, 2019 08:26

Please help us to fix this issue as soon as possible

August 31, 2019 08:30

Sure and true,please let dere be remedy to this we plead.tx

JD homes
August 31, 2019 08:31

Pls this issue has to be taking care of.

Abdullahi Lawal
August 31, 2019 08:31

Very True, It need to be Fix

August 31, 2019 08:32

That's true. It needs fixing.

August 31, 2019 09:15

It needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Thanks for your usual swift response.

August 31, 2019 09:41

Yes, this needs an urgent attention

August 31, 2019 09:44

Very necessary

September 01, 2019 10:27

Dear users! Please, at the moment of detecting the odds lag, are you comparing with the mobile version of the bet9ja site, the mobile application or the desktop version of the bet9ja site?

September 01, 2019 10:58

The odds lag has been observed on all the Bet9ja platforms (mobile & desktop site, mobile application). Thanks for the timely response.

Yinusa Morakinyo
September 01, 2019 11:26

The odds lag has been observed both mobile and desktop including lite.. Please you can please hell us remove the old site and place on new site. Please help us fixed the issue. We hardly seen a games to stake on. Thanks.

Mbagwu Ezeugo Martin
September 01, 2019 14:24

The odds lag occurs in all the bet9ja platform

Yinusa Morakinyo
September 10, 2019 20:34

Please help us doing this

September 28, 2019 09:45

That's very true. Bet9ja update lags. I think bet9ja mobile view is more updated than bet9ja desktop version. Because sometimes even when u see the actual odd in bet9ja desktop view and click on it, it tells you that the odd has changed.

September 20, 2020 07:49

Bet9ja and other Nigeria bookies like Betking are also lagging behind. Please fix this it making us to loose money.

February 18, 2021 12:39

We inform you that now we are scanning the mobile version of the bet9ja website. This should increase stability. Thank you for your requests and your activity!

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