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 Posted on 22 de mayo de 2017 04:05

We want to talk about another possibility of the service: the opportunity to create propositions for development. For example, you work with a bookmaker, but it's not in the scanner, in which case you can add a proposition to add this bookmaker to the scanner. Or you do not have enough scanner settings, and you want to see sorting surebets by ROI. In this case, you can also add a proposition.

All your propositions are considered and for each proposition you can vote and comment, and absolutely all users of the service can do this, thereby forming the popularity of the proposition for each other. The implemented propositions are marked.

Therefore, look in the section "Propositions" more often, vote and comment. This is a great opportunity to influence the development of the scanner!



the Breaking-Bet.com team

24 de mayo de 2017 05:34

Работаю с Вашим сканером более двух недель - доволен! Не хватает Bet365.

3 de febrero de 2022 02:11

Hello guys I really love the work you guys are doing here, am a Nigerian I have accounts with other sport's bookies here in my country and I would love you guys to add "Msports" to your list of bookies that can be scanned for arbs its a really great company and other Nigerians like me would love it you guys would add it soon enough.thanks

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