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Required bookmakers

 Posted on 13 novembre 2017 14:31

Dear friends! We updated the interface, and now in the filter settings you can choose the required bookmakers. A required bookmaker is the bookmaker that will necessarily be present in at least one of the coefficients of the arb found.

In order to use the required bookmakers you have go to the filter setting and select needed bookie. In the bottom of the setting window you can see background information.

filter-settings-button requaried-bookmaker-settings

Thus, it will allow more flexible adjustment of the filter and make the work with the service even more convenient.


the Breaking-Bet.com team

22 aprile 2021 12:03

What is bookie rules??

23 aprile 2021 11:14

I think you should go to the feedback page: https://breaking-bet.com/en/feedback

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