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Ваши предложения #159: Admin please add BETWINNER to the list because it will help all the arbers worldwide.

 Опубликовано 24 сентября 2019, 01:24 by Chukwuemeka Anekwe

Admin. Please add BETWINNER to the list, it is very important to add it to the list since 1xbet is misbehaving. BETWINNER has exactly the same big odds as 1xbet and also has the same function but it is not as stupid as 1xbet...1xbet is very annoying these days, they are reducing people's odd and also limiting people's accounts anyhow these days and it makes us to lose all the time. Guys please support this proposition because if BETWINNER is added to the list you will see that we all will just forget about 1xbet and start using BETWINNER because BETWINNER has the same big odds as 1xbet. Guys just make a research about BETWINNER and you will see that it will help us Nigerians very well when it is being added to the list.

IKPOR precious
24 сентября 2019, 13:12

There is no difference between betwinner and 1xbet. Whatever arb u see in 1xbet u will also see it in betwinner or 1xbit. 1xbet,1xbit,22bet and betwinner are all linked. Any arb u see on 1xbet trace it to betwinner u will see it there

Anona Jude
26 сентября 2019, 22:33

They are all the same Scammers.. Betwinner have as much negative comments as 1xbet

10 октября 2019, 15:24

What site can we use to substitute 1xbet

01 ноября 2019, 03:29

!xbet and betwinner are still same thing

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