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Betting Exchange

 Posted on sexta-feira, 15 de dezembro de 2017, 14:20h

New bookmakers.

We tested and added new betting exchanges: BetfairEx, Smarkets and Betdaq. 

SMarkets - a young betting exchange, with not very large liquidity, but a small commission (2%).

Betdaq - is the eldest among the betting exchanges, focused primarily on players from the UK and Ireland, with a small commission - only 3%.

Betfair - does not need to be represented, this is the largest betting exchange. With the greatest liquidity, but also with the highest commission of 5-7%.

We added additional functions to the calculator - commission and a new type of betting - LAY bets.


Good luck and stay with us!

quinta-feira, 11 de janeiro de 2018, 08:49h

Здраствуйте не могли бы улучшить сканирование между бу Фонбет и бетсити

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