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Bet365 is now available!

 Posted on dimanche 13 octobre 2019 13h20

Good news! The popular Bet365 bookmaker is available for selection in the arbs filter!

Christian Nnamdi Nworisa
mardi 15 août 2023 19h53

The option AH1(0.5) or AH2 (0.5) is misleading it is actually AH1(-0.5) and AH2(-0.5) same goes to 1.5 and the rest. Please it has to be corrected

Christian Nnamdi Nworisa
mardi 15 août 2023 19h54

Greetings! The option in bet365 which is AH 1(1.5), AH 1(0.5), AH2(1.5) and AH2(0.5) is not corresponding to the option in the site, it is always AH1( -1.5), AH1(-0.5), AH2(-1.5) and AH2(-0.5). Please, you can correct me if am wrong because the option is misleading and that can result to one losing money. You can make your research on it. I lost money with this misleading option

Christian Nnamdi Nworisa
jeudi 17 août 2023 18h29

This option AH in bet365 is misleading, it is not corresponding to is in the site

lundi 21 août 2023 12h35

Christian, please describe the problem in more detail by email: support@breaking-bet.com

We will be grateful if you send screenshots of the problem in the letter. Thank you in advance.

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