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Bet365 уже доступен!

 Posted on 13 октября 2019, 13:20

Хорошие новости! Популярный букмекер bet365 уже доступен для выбора в фильтре вилок!

Christian Nnamdi Nworisa
15 августа 2023, 19:53

The option AH1(0.5) or AH2 (0.5) is misleading it is actually AH1(-0.5) and AH2(-0.5) same goes to 1.5 and the rest. Please it has to be corrected

Christian Nnamdi Nworisa
15 августа 2023, 19:54

Greetings! The option in bet365 which is AH 1(1.5), AH 1(0.5), AH2(1.5) and AH2(0.5) is not corresponding to the option in the site, it is always AH1( -1.5), AH1(-0.5), AH2(-1.5) and AH2(-0.5). Please, you can correct me if am wrong because the option is misleading and that can result to one losing money. You can make your research on it. I lost money with this misleading option

Christian Nnamdi Nworisa
17 августа 2023, 18:29

This option AH in bet365 is misleading, it is not corresponding to is in the site

21 августа 2023, 12:35

Christian, please describe the problem in more detail by email: support@breaking-bet.com

We will be grateful if you send screenshots of the problem in the letter. Thank you in advance.

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