OddsClicker browser extension

Our service supports integration with one of the most popular tools SportingServices: OddsClicker browser extension.


The OddsClicker browser extension allows:

  • find sport event
  • find the outcome
  • add a bet to the betslip (taking into account the bet from the calculator)

Installation instructions


  1. Download extension from SportingServices website
  2. Create a new folder and extract the contents of the downloaded archive into it
  3. Open Chrome Settings - Additional tools - Extensions
  4. Turn on Developer mode
  5. Push button "Load unpacked extension"
  6. Select folder with unpacked extension


  1. Download kiwi browser from Google Play
  2. Download extension from SportingServices website
  3. Open Kiwi browser settings and go to the "Menu - Extensions"
  4. Switch to "Developer mode" and select "+ (from .zip ...)"
  5. Select folder with extension
  6. Check installation: click on "Menu" and see OddsClicker in the drop-down list


  1. Download extension from addons.mozilla.org

Attention! Other browser extensions must be disabled, otherwise it is impossible to guarantee the stability of the OddsClicker.

OddsClicker Settings

By clicking on the extension icon in the browser, you will be taken to the settings screen.

1 (General settings)

Here you can set the location of the bookmaker's windows or set the opening of the bookmaker's sites in separate tabs.

2 (Proxy settings for each bookmaker)

For each bookie, you can configure HTTPS or SOCKS proxies, as well as make sure that sites open without using a proxy.

3 (Action settings for each bookmaker)

For each bookmaker, 4 actions are possible:

  1. To do nothing
  2. Redirect to sport event only
  3. Add the found outcome to the betslip with the default value (may depend on the bookmaker)
  4. Add the found outcome to the betslip with the bet value from the BreakingBet calculator

How to use?

  • You need to restart your browser after installing the extension
  • Make sure OddsClicker is enabled in the list of extensions
  • Open the required sport event calculator
  • Click on the button to go to odds (1).

If the extension is installed correctly, then the button for going to odds (1) in the calculator will be highlighted.

List of supported bookmakers

It is important to note that not all of the listed actions can be carried out for all bookmakers. Some bookmakers allow you to make only a redirect, and some allow you to add a bet to the betslip.

You can always find out what level of extension support a bookmaker or its mirror has, this information is available in the user profile on the bookmaker/mirror settings page.

We hope that the new tool will allow you to increase your opportunities and make arbitrage betting even easier!