Why the coefficients on 1xbet don't match?
This bookmaker very often applies the policy of individual reduction of coefficients to individual accounts. Therefore, when comparing the coefficients issued by the scanner and the coefficients that are displayed on the 1xbet website, being authorized, there may be differences. In this case, the coefficients that the user sees from his account are lower than the coefficients that the scanner displays. You can check the fact of an individual policy by logging out of your account at 1xbet, and comparing the coefficients, while not being authorized.
What is freezing?
Freeze allows you to pause any active subscription for a specified number of days. This will allow you not to waste your subscription days if you cannot use the scanner for a while, when you are on vacation, for example.
Remove bookmaker from the scanner
Each bookmaker was added at the request of users and as long as there is demand for it, we will not remove it. Moreover, you can always disable it in your settings.
Why the coefficients on Betway don't match?
There are several regional domains for this bookmaker, the odds on which are not always equal with the original betway website. We scan the original site.