Affiliate program

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Quick and easy registration
2. Involve
We will provide you with promotional materials for your resource. Their individual changes are also possible
3. Get rewarded
For each payment from the user attracted by you, you receive from 30%. Earn with us!

Advantages to be with us

Income from each payment of the user attracted by you - from 30%
Subscription renewal by the user is also considered as payment
Non-withdrawn funds are not burned, but saved until the next withdrawal
No limit on maximum withdrawn
Excellent support service
Multi-Functional partner profile


  • Users who have been registered on the site before or visited the site before are not counted
  • User visits are not counted if they are performed in ways other than clicking on the link, or if the visit is not technically possible (the browser does not work with cookies or javascript or cuts the referral link)
  • It is not allowed to use the affiliate program to reduce the cost of subscriptions
  • Subscriptions canceled by the user are not included in the affiliate program
  • If no subscriptions are made on your referral link within six months, the withdrawal of funds may be limited at the discretion of the administration
  • The withdrawal from the system is performed no more than once a month
  • To withdraw funds, you must also attract at least 5 users with the intersection of the start and end dates of the subscriptions since the last withdrawal
  • It is not allowed to register fake accounts to increase the number of attracted users
  • The partnership agreement can be terminated at any time if the Partner violates the terms of the partnership or damages the reputation of the service
  • A commission may be collected when withdrawing funds
  • The minimum amount for withdrawal is 20 EUR
  • Terms of withdrawal shall be discussed individually with each person
  • Not a public offer