Creation of Community.

 Posted on April 12, 2023 22:26 by Ajayi Oladimeji Omobowale

Create a community where members can share there experiences and results so far using the software for surebet and valuebet as this will serve as a motivation for both new and old members. Thanks.

Nickie OakwoodMarch 10, 2024 18:55

What we require is an international arb syndicate. Lots of bookies on here don't operate in the UK thus limiting my ocean. If we worked together we could take a serious amount of money together. Safety in numbers!

RickyJuly 13, 2023 19:12

I am in full support of this. What sets Rebelbeting apart from other scanners today is the community built around it. A community will give intending users a preview of what to expect, and how to tackle variance or palp errors. A community will give new members that feeling of never walking alone when variance is doing its thing. A community will make sharing of knowledge, experience, and reconditions way easy. The breaking-bet team will even get firsthand reports of how well the scanner is working, and other useful information from issues being raised and discussed by users in such a community.

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