Pool funding investment option

 Posted on March 14, 2023 12:49 by Michael

Please, create an avenue for a pool funding of sorts to make things easier. Keeping up with live games is difficult so if you guys can handle it and play it from your end, that would be awesome.

AdminApril 11, 2023 06:25

Hello Enock,
This proposition is not about adding bookmakers, but I will answer you here. We add bookmakers depending on the demand for them. User offers are available on the page: https://breaking-bet.com/en/propositions
You can vote for existing ones or create a new one. Please do not create duplicates. If a similar message already exists, your offer will be deleted automatically.
betwinner is a clone of 1xbet, we scan it.

enockApril 07, 2023 19:01

This service is more than enough for African countries to use like were l am Zambia
We also have books like castlebet bolabet bitwiner betlion this books a lot of as in Zambia use this l am sure if u include one of these a lot of Zambian botter will appreciate your help..

MichaelMarch 28, 2023 09:05

Ok then. No problem

AdminMarch 27, 2023 06:20

There is no such possibility. We apologize for the inconvenience.

MichaelMarch 17, 2023 10:42

What I mean is, as an alternative to subscription services, if there's a way you guys collect money directly and play the games and then give back a certain percentage, like a 50/50 split, for example after a month.

AdminMarch 15, 2023 06:43

Describe your proposition in more detail, please!

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