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Proposition #355: Please add these bookmarkers. They have good odds for ARB

 Posted on January 09, 2021 01:18 by Derrick

Please add these bookmakers with good odds for great ARB. Manually, I usually get 8% to 13% but have to go through a lot of pains Greatodds.com. Msports.com Betplanet.com

January 19, 2021 18:22

msports is very important for arbing.

January 21, 2021 23:16

Admin need to take this proposition serious

February 08, 2021 21:16

Please add 22bet too , they are really awesome for arbing .

February 10, 2021 21:41

Please add greatodds and msports.com

Emmanuel Oriyebaka
February 22, 2021 10:41

My friends, is not just adding a bookmaker, give a Guinea reason why you think a bookmaker should be added, we arbusers what we are looking for is a bookmaker with a good odd for arbing, fast payout, customer friendly. So when you are making your request please place this things in front then you will get the support of other users, if breakingbet didn't do what we said we stop to use them, don't just say a bookmaker is good for arbing, what about the pay out system? Check this before making your proposal.

May 02, 2021 20:38

Majority has fast pay out and customer friendly. If breaking admins can add it, it will be really great.

Mantey Michael
May 10, 2021 21:22

I need odd and booking code I am a newcomer in Beting so I need someone to help me

Emmanuel Oriyebaka
May 26, 2021 15:59

@Mantey Micheal arber's are not Gamblers, here we don't do with booking code, what we do is trading, we trade sport, so i advise to you to look for a mentor that will mentor you on arbitrage betting.

June 13, 2021 22:02

Compare m.sport odd with sporty bet , both have the same odd

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