Include Kelly Criterion Staking

 Posted on July 10, 2022 07:12 by Ray

Please admin it would be great if you include the Kelly criterion in helping us determine our stake sizes automatically relative to tge number of bets placed..... rebel betting offers this service in value betting

Rahadian Dimas Dwi SandraDecember 05, 2023 09:29

we absolutely need this feature.

Paul BarrettFebruary 16, 2023 08:55

agree with T Samad ... would be great :)

ЕгорNovember 20, 2022 21:23

Есть апдейт?

T.SamadJuly 16, 2022 22:18

@Ray, is there a way I can chat you up to understand something from you about Valuebetting? So maybe like your IG handle or Twitter

T.SamadJuly 16, 2022 21:52

This will be highly recommended and important for Value betting, as this will us understand the stake sizes and help to amass profit in the long run

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