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 Posted on July 04, 2019 06:22 by Jackson Junior Uzoma

Admin, there has been so many proposition not been replied to and we are beginning to wonder if you "Admin" hear or read our propositions at all. We have propositions ranging from: 1. Adding new bookmakers like:,,, and more. 2. Adding some of Nigerian bookies also to live bets, this has been so since there's no complement for the that is already in the system. 3. We would like to also put to your notice that an app would really be nice. This app can easily notify arbers when Arbs come in. Please, attend to this and also try to reply to our propositions. Thanks.

centDecember 10, 2019 00:13

Admin please it would be mindful of you can add Accessbet, Lionsbet and WakaBet Becos the have môre higher odds too,

Thanks for you Action

Okewole oyetunji Opeyemi November 13, 2019 07:41

The admin should please add gibet, Lionsbet and accessbet

Okpe Robert oche October 30, 2019 08:51

Please I'm new here is there a whassapp group or any forum we can join I have some questions I desperately need to get off my chest

watcherJuly 30, 2019 15:24

The admin should add a feature to edit messages after sending on proposition page.
I made a lot mistakes up there

watcherJuly 30, 2019 15:12

The admins are doing great jobs. I believe there is rigorous works on the background to add more Nigerian bookies both to prematch and live platform. They respond to email asap. Kudos

AdminJuly 29, 2019 10:52

We consider every proposition, thanks for your activity!

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