Svenska spel (soft booke that will NEVER limit you)

 Posted on January 21, 2023 08:25 by nickolas

hello! I am looking to get added as bookie since they are run by the swedish government they are not allowed to limit any players beacuse of winnings the only limit is 500 euro per bet per game and account. This is an huge oppertunity for anyone interested in never having their accounts gubbed /restricted. can be used for arbitrage to no end combined with pinnacle (goldmine) and valuebets. For those not swedish i can provide accounts or partners. So please help us get this bookie in! and oh by the way they are an soft bookie as i mentioned

Alex Svensson
May 14, 2023 07:56

Reffered by nickolas francis, I am interested too!

April 28, 2023 06:24

@nickolas would be interested in the account/parnters you mentioned, any way to contact u?

April 19, 2023 10:16

yes let everyone you know who arbs or value bet know, so we can get more interest and push for breaking bet to add them

yuri tarded
April 17, 2023 08:52


adam nilsson
April 07, 2023 08:07

I would be interested since i am in sweden

January 25, 2023 10:36

agreed! but breaking bet says its not possible until more people are interested

January 22, 2023 10:14

This is something that should be worked upon

January 22, 2023 10:12

This is something that should be worked upon

January 21, 2023 21:54

sounds very interesting!

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