Different rules in bookies, why is it important?

 Mike Bowl
Updated at: 25 January, 2024
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Bookmakers interpret certain sports rules differently. For example, some consider overtime when betting on a team to win, others only consider regular game time.

Another example is in tennis, when one bookmaker considers a super tiebreak as 1 game, the other considers every point scored in it as a game, so bets on total can be losing.

different of OT

To protect our users from such surebets, we have added the "take into account the bookmaker's rules" function in the filter settings.

This function, when searching for surebets, takes into account only those outcomes that are absolutely equal according to additional conditions. For those players who are familiar with the rules for calculating the bookmaker and understand the risks, this setting allows you to significantly expand the count of arbs. Unfortunately, bookmakers often change the rules during the active season, so we strongly recommend that you remember to check all outcomes.