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Guide to Arbitrage Betting Symbols and Terms

 Mike Bowl
Updated at: 23 January, 2024
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TOTotal Over
TUTotal Under
TO1Total Over 1st team
TU1Total Under 1st team
TO2Total Over 2nd team
TU2Total Under 2nd team
TEvTotal Even
TOdTotal Odd
TEv1Total Even 1st team
TOd1Total Odd 1st team
TEv2Total Even 2nd team
TOd2Total Odd 2nd team
EH13-way: European Handicap/Spread 1st team
23-way: 2nd team win
13-way: 1st team win
EH23-way: European Handicap/Spread 2nd team
AH12-way: Handicap/Spread 1st team
AH22-way: Handicap/Spread 2nd team
DNB1Draw No Bet: 1st team win
DNB2Draw No Bet: 2nd team win
X2Double chance: draw or 2nd team win
1XDouble chance: 1st team win or draw
X3-way: draw
12Double chance: 1st team win or 2nd team win
Score 1 YesScore 1st team Yes
Score 1 NoScore 1st team No
Score 2 YesScore 2nd team Yes
Score 2 NoScore 2nd team No
Removal YesRemoval Yes
Removal NoRemoval No
Removal 1st team YesRemoval 1st team Yes
Removal 1st team NoRemoval 1st team No
Removal 2nd team YesRemoval 2nd team Yes
Removal 2nd team NoRemoval 2nd team No
Penalty YesPenalty Yes
Penalty NoPenalty No
Penalty 1st team YesPenalty 1st team Yes
Penalty 1st team NoPenalty 1st team No
Penalty 2nd team YesPenalty 2nd team Yes
Penalty 2nd team NoPenalty 2nd team No
Extra Inning YesExtra Inning Yes
Extra Inning NoExtra Inning No
EHX13-way: European Handicap/Spread Draw 1st team
EHX23-way: European Handicap/Spread Draw 2nd team
ExactlyExactly Goals/Points
TU (3-way)Total Under (3-way)
TO (3-way)Total Over (3-way)
TO1 (3-way)Total Over (3-way) 1st team
TO2 (3-way)Total Over (3-way) 2nd team
TU1 (3-way)Total Under (3-way) 1st team
TU2 (3-way)Total Under (3-way) 2nd team
Ex1Exactly Goals/Points 1st team
Ex2Exactly Goals/Points 2nd team
ScoreBothScore both teams
Not ScoreBothNot score both teams
TSets (2)Tennis: number of sets: 2
TSets (3)Tennis: number of sets: 3
LAY 1LAY 3-way: 1st team win
LAY 2LAY 3-way: 2nd team win
LAY W1LAY 2-way: 1st team win
LAY W2LAY 2-way: 2nd team win
LAY Tot OverLAY Total Over
LAY Tot Over 1st teamLAY Total Over 1st team
LAY Tot Over 2nd teamLAY Total Over 2nd team
LAY Tot UnderLAY Total Under
LAY Tot Under 1st teamLAY Total Under 1st team
LAY Tot Under 2nd teamLAY Total Under 2nd team
Q1To qualify 1st team
Not Q1Not qualify 1st team
Q2To qualify 2nd team
Not Q2Not qualify 2nd team
WinNil1Win to nil 1st team
NotWinNil1Not win to nil 1st team
WinNil2Win to nil 2nd team
NotWinNil2Not win to nil 2nd team
PSPenalty Shoot-Out
NotPSNot Penalty Shoot-Out
PSandRCPenalty and Red Card
Not PSandRCNot Penalty and Red Card
HatTrickHat-Trick goal
Not HatTrickNot Hat-Trick goal
RCRed Card
Not RCNot Red Card
HdrHeader Goal
Not HdrNot Header Goal
FirstGoal1First goal 1st team
FirstGoal NoGoalFirst goal - no goals
FirstGoal2First goal 2nd team
FirstCorner1First Corner 1st team
FirstCorner NoCornersFirst Corner - no Corners
FirstCorner2First Corner 2nd team
FirstCard1First Card 1st team
FirstCard NoCardFirst Card - no Card
FirstCard2First Card 2nd team
LastGoal1Last goal 1st team
LastGoal NoGoalLast goal - no goals
LastGoal2Last goal 2nd team
LastCorner1Last Corner 1st team
LastCorner NoCornerLast Corner - no Corners
LastCorner2Last Corner 2nd team
LastCard1Last Card 1st team
LastCard NoCardLast Card - no Cards
LastCard2Last Card 2nd team
LAY XLAY 3-way: draw
LAY Score Both teams YesLAY Score Both teams Yes
LAY Score Both teams NoLAY Score Both teams No
LAY WNil1 YesLAY Win to nil 1st team Yes
LAY WNil2 YesLAY Win to nil 2nd team Yes
LAY WNil1 NoLAY Win to nil 1st team No
LAY WNil2 NoLAY Win to nil 2nd team No
LAY Penalty YesLAY Penalty Yes
LAY Penalty 1st team YesLAY Penalty 1st team Yes
LAY Penalty 2nd team YesLAY Penalty 2nd team Yes
LAY Penalty NoLAY Penalty No
LAY Penalty 1st team NoLAY Penalty 1st team No
LAY Penalty 2nd team NoLAY Penalty 2nd team No
LAY Extra Inning YesLAY Extra Inning Yes
LAY Extra Inning NoLAY Extra Inning No
LAY Tot EvenLAY Total Even
LAY Tot OddLAY Total Odd
LAY Tot Even 1st teamLAY Total Even 1st team
LAY Tot Even 2nd teamLAY Total Even 2nd team
LAY Tot Odd 1st teamLAY Total Odd 1st team
LAY Tot Odd 2nd teamLAY Total Odd 2nd team
LAY 1XLAY Double chance: 1st team win or draw
LAY X2LAY Double chance: draw or 2nd team win
LAY 12LAY Double chance: 1st team win or 2nd team win
LAY Q1LAY To qualify 1st team
LAY Q1 NoLAY To qualify 1st team No
LAY Q2LAY To qualify 2nd team
LAY Q2 NoLAY To qualify 2nd team No
LAY PSLAY Penalty Shoot-Out
LAY NotPSLAY Not Penalty Shoot-Out
LAY PSandRCLAY Penalty and Red Card
LAY Not PSandRCLAY Not Penalty and Red Card
LAY HatTrickLAY Hat-Trick goal
LAY Not HatTrickLAY Not Hat-Trick goal
LAY Not RCLAY Not Red Card
LAY HdrLAY Header Goal
LAY Not HdrLAY Not Header Goal
LAY H1LAY 2-way: Handicap/Spread 1st team
LAY H2LAY 2-way: Handicap/Spread 2nd team
LAY Score 1 YesLAY Score 1st team Yes
LAY Score 2 YesLAY Score 2nd team Yes
LAY Score 1 NoLAY Score 1st team No
LAY Score 2 NoLAY Score 2nd team No
NoGoalsGoals will not be scored
GoalsScrGoals will be scored
LAY GoalsScrLAY Goals will be scored
LAY NotGoalsLAY Goals will not be scored
NGOTNo Goals One of the Teams
XLeastOneOfPerDraw at least in one period
NotXLeastOneOfPerNo draw at least in one period
ScrBothAllPerScore both in all periods
NotScrBothAllPerNo Score both in all periods
ScrAllPerScores in all periods
NotScrAllPerNo scores in all periods
WinAllPer11st team win in all periods
NotWinAllPer11st team not win in all periods
WinAllPer22nd team win in all periods
NotWinAllPer22nd team not win in all periods
2ndGoal1Score 2nd goal 1st team
2ndGoalXScore 2nd goal No goal
2ndGoal2Score 2nd goal 2nd team
FirstScr2Goals1First score 2nd goals 1st team
FirstScr2Goals2First score 2nd goals 2nd team
FirstScr2GoalsXFirst score 2nd goals No goal
ScrAllPer1Scores in all periods 1st team
NotScrAllPer1No scores in all periods 1st team
ScrAllPer2Scores in all periods 2nd team
NotScrAllPer2No scores in all periods 2nd team
WinLeastOneOfPer1Win at least in one period 1st team
NotWinLeastOneOfPer1No win at least in one period 1st team
WinLeastOneOfPer2Win at least in one period 2nd team
NotWinLeastOneOfPer2No win at least in one period 2nd team
CleanSheet1Clean sheet 1st team
CleanSheet2Clean sheet 2nd team
NotCleanSheet1No Clean sheet 1st team
NotCleanSheet2No Clean sheet 2nd team
First Team 1First Team 1
First Team 2First Team 2
180Point Yes180Point Yes
180Point No180Point No
170Checkout Yes170Checkout Yes
170Checkout No170Checkout No
170CheckoutFinish Yes170 Checkout Finish Match Yes
170CheckoutFinish No170 Checkout Finish Match No
9DartsFinish Yes9 Darts Finish Match Yes
9DartsFinish No9 Darts Finish Match No
Last Team 1Last Team 1
Last Team 2Last Team 2
WinBothPistolRnd1Win Both Pistol Round Team 1
NotWinBothPistolRnd1Not Win Both Pistol Round Team 1
WinBothPistolRnd2Win Both Pistol Round Team 2
NotWinBothPistolRnd2Not Win Both Pistol Round Team 2
Win1stPistolRound1Win 1st Pistol Round 1
Win1stPistolRound2Win 1st Pistol Round 2
Win2ndPistolRound1Win 2nd Pistol Round 1
Win2ndPistolRound2Win 2nd Pistol Round 2
NotWin1stPistolRound1Not Win 1st Pistol Round 1
NotWin1stPistolRound2Not Win 1st Pistol Round 2
NotWin2ndPistolRound1Not Win 2nd Pistol Round 1
NotWin2ndPistolRound2Not Win 2nd Pistol Round 2
Century YesCentury Yes
Century NoCentury No