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Ticket system

 Posted on 25 marzo 2017 09:38

Greetings arbers!

Recently we have implemented a ticket system available in the user profile. Now you can send messages to the support team, track their status, keep correspondence and control all your appeals. To do this, go to your profile, and then click on the "support" tab.

Here you can see the list of created tickets and create a new one. If you go to an existing ticket, you will see the history of the correspondence, you will be able to add or answer the question, and also transfer the ticket to the closed status.

Additionally, you can report the wrong arb, now it's easy - you need to click on the "bug report" icon in the upper right corner of the table with the plug. The system will automatically create a ticket that will be available in your profile.

In turn, our support team will try to ensure that the answers to your requests come as soon as possible!


the BreakingBet.com Team 


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