Setting tips

 Mike Bowl
Updated at: 25 January, 2024
1 minute

The value bet search service is based on the calculation of the probability of an outcome, so we will describe some settings that will significantly improve the quality of the value bet search.


First of all, pay attention to the overvaluation of the outcome, but you should beware of large indicators (more than 20), the risk of an error in such cases increases.

Probability is an equally important criterion. When playing on value bets, profits are noticeable only over a long distance, but if you bet all the time on outcomes with a small probability, then you will always lose.
We do not recommend betting on outcomes with a probability of less than 45-50%. But the lower limit is an individual indicator and there are many players who deliberately reduce this limit.

Odds - to some extent, this is also a probability, but calculated by the bookmaker itself, so it is also important. Recommended maximum value 2.2.

The valuebet rate indicator is a kind of accuracy with which the probability is calculated. Reducing reduces accuracy, and increasing - vice versa. But a high indicator is not always good, since a large number of bookmakers in the probability calculation can play a cruel joke, the accuracy indicator will not increase, and many value bets will no longer be displayed. We recommend a value in the region of 8-10.


Analyze the results and then, with the right approach, this strategy will bring profit.