List of value bets

 Mike Bowl
Updated at: 05 February, 2023
less than a minute

Valuebets are available in the main menu or from this link:


  1. Quick adjustment of the selection overvaluation range
  2. Quick adjustment of the range of the probability of an outcome
  3. Bookmaker of this outcome
  4. Date and time the event started
  5. Copy the names of 1st team to the clipboard. Attention! Team names and leagues are displayed in the same way as on the bookmaker's website.
  6. Odds name
  7. Odds value
  8. Overvaluation of this odds compared to the odds for a similar odds in other bookmakers
  9. The probability that a given odds will be a win
  10. Sport
  11. Additional information about the type of odds (Time, Corners, Points, Kills, etc.)
  12. Information about the change in the coefficient relative to the previous value