Understanding 1x2 Betting in Sports

 Mike Bowl
Updated at: 25 January, 2024
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1x2 betting is a popular and easy-to-understand type of sports betting. In this guide, we'll explain what 1x2 betting means and how it's used in sports like football and hockey. Whether you're just starting out or want to improve your betting skills, this article will help you understand the basics of 1x2 betting and how to use it effectively.

1x2 in sports betting

1x2 betting is a three-way line on the result of the match:
  • 1 – team 1 win;
  • X – draw;
  • 2 – team 2 win;
An example of such outcomes in the odds of the bookmaker's line in the match Manchester City - Leicester City (football):

1x2 in sports betting

1x2 bets are among the most common odds lines at bookmakers. 

Different designations of 1x2 bets

Sometimes, instead of 1x2, you can find the designation Home-Draw-Away.

W1xW2 odds

What does DrawNoBet mean?

We remember that 1x2 is a three-way odds line for the result of a match, but what happens when there can be no draw in a sporting event? For example, if we are considering a tennis match? Or a match that includes overtime? In this case, the bets on winning the match will be two-way, excluding a draw.

For example:

Moneyline odds

Such outcomes can also be designated in different ways, sometimes it is P1 and P2, DNB1 and DNB2, sometimes 1 and 2 or “Money line”.

Examples of different designations:

w1w2 odds

Examples of 1x2 bets in different sports

1x2 in Football

1x2 odds in football

1x2 in Hockey

1x2 in hockey

1x2 in Basketball

1x2 in basketball

1x2 in ESports

1x2 in esports

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As we can see, 1x2 is the base bets on the result of a sporting event, in which there can be a draw, and then it is a three-way line, or there can be no draw (or extra time + overtime is taken into account), and then it is already a two-way line.
This type of bet is widely used in various approaches to betting, including
 arbitrage betting.