Mastering asian handicap betting in sports

 Mike Bowl
Updated at: 25 January, 2024
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Asian Handicap is a special type of sports betting that levels the playing field between two teams. This article will explain what Asian Handicap is, including basic ideas like 0.5 and 1.5 handicaps, and show you how it works in an easy way. It's great for anyone who wants to learn about this interesting betting style.

Asian Handicap what is it?

Asian handicap is a type of bet in which the player is asked to guess the result of the match, taking into account the advantage of one of the teams by a value divisible by 0.25.

In order to better understand what the Asian Handicap is, we recommend reading the articleWhat does Handicap bet mean?” first, where the basic concepts of this type of bet are given.

Further, for the sake of simplicity, we will consider examples of the Asian handicap in football (the number of goals scored).

A feature of this type of bets is the decomposition of the Asian Handicap into two bets: Handicap P - 0.25 and Handicap P + 0.25, where "P" - is the numerical parameter of the handicap. In this case, the amount of the bet is divided into two equal parts for each of the two received. For example:

Asian handicap

We see that the Handicap for the victory of Real has a numerical parameter equal to -2.75, so in this case P = "-2.75" and this Handicap must be decomposed into two:

  • Handicap Real (-3) with odds 4.86
  • handicap Real (-2.5) with odds 4.86

Let's say we bet $ 100 on “Real Madrid handicap (-2.75)”. Now let's look at the different outcomes of the match:

  • 4-0, Handicap Real (-3) wins, Handicap Real (-2.5) wins. We won with two bets: $ 50 * 4.86 + $ 50 * 4.86 = $ 486;
  • 3-0, Handicap Real (-3) - here there was a hit in the total (exactly 3 goals were scored), so there will be a return, Handicap Real (-2.5) - will win. We returned half of the bet and won on the second: $ 50 + $ 50 * 4.86 = $ 293;
  • 2-0, Handicap Real (-3) will lose, Handicap Real (-2.5) will lose. We lost the entire bet amount ($ 100).

Let's consider examples of calculations with other handicap parameters:

  • Asian handicap 0.75 in the calculation is decomposed into: Handicap 0.5 and Handicap 1
  • Asian handicap 1.25 in the calculation is decomposed into: Handicap 1 and Handicap 1.5

Zero (0) Asian Handicap

Consider the bet: Alaves handicap (+0.25).

zero asian handicap

This handicap must be split into two bets: Handicap 0 and Handicap 0.5 for the first team.

We know how Handicap 0.5 is calculated, but Handicap 0 can raise questions.

Handicap 0 means that there is no advantage for one or the other team on this bet, therefore Handicap 0 bets are equivalent to bets on Moneyline - bets on the result of a match, when there can be no draw, or if it occurs, both bets are returned.


zero handicap


We see that in the Asian handicap you can win, lose, or win one half of the bet amount, and return the other half. Consider these nuances when playing, this is especially important when playing on arbitrage betting.


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