Surebet Filter Settings

 Mike Bowl
Updated at: 18 June, 2022
4 minutes

You can configure the arb filter in two ways. The first one is right from the list of arbs, the second one is in the user profile section.

Filter settings in arbs list

filter settings

  1. Name of the active filter, selection/deletion of saved filters (multifiltration)
  2. Add new filter
  3. Display settings
    1. Profit. You can set the minimum and maximum percentage of the arbs displayed
    2. Lifetime. You can set the minimum and maximum lifetime of the arbs (the time elapsed since its creation) for display. In minutes for Prematch mode and in seconds for Live mode.
    3. Event time. Opportunity to specify the time that remains before the events for which the arbs have been found.
    4. Sorting. Opportunity to sort the list of arbs by: percentage (value) of the arb and by the lifespan of the arb (starting with the newest).
  4. Additional settings.
    1. 2 outcomes. Display of arbs with only 2 arms (outcome).
    2. 3 outcomes. Display of arbs with only 3 arms (outcomes).
    3. Skip integers. Hides arbs with a round range of additional parameters, for example, “Total Over 1” will be hidden, while “Total Over 1.5” will be not.
    4. Skip quarters. Hides arbs with quarter additional parameters, for example, “Total Over 1.25” will be hidden, while “Total Over 1.5” will be not.
    5. 2 or more bets at one bookmaker. Enables the display of arbs, which may have more than one arm in one bookmaker.
    6. Apply the rules of the bookmakers. Attention! Disabling this option is recommended only for experienced bettors. Enabling this option allows to take into account the different rules of bookmakers when searching for arbs. Consider an example: Team 1 win, Team 2 win in a basketball game (without the possibility of a tie). Bookmaker 1 accepts a bet on the victory of team 1, taking into account the Overtime, while bookmaker 2 accepts a bet on victory of the team 2 without considering it. In a situation when in the main time there will be a draw, and after Overtime team 2 wins, both bets will lose. To exclude the arbs that do not take into account the different rules of various bookmakers from the list, you must enable this option.
  5. Outcome groups. Allows you to hide/display arbs with selected types of outcome. The following types are optionally available for selection:
    1. Main
    2. Handicaps
    3. Totals
    4. Individual totals
    5. Additional line
  6. Bookmakers. The key feature of the filter settings is the ability to select bookmakers to display arbs. Each bookmaker office can be marked in two ways, as simply included into the list and as mandatory. Mandatory bookmaker is a bookmaker office, which will definitely be present in at least one of the arms of the arb found. For example, you work only with Marathon, Olimp, Betcity and Zenit. Subsequently, you mark these offices in the setting as included ones. Now, all arbs displayed will contain coefficients from the chosen bookmakers only. You will probably need to set up a mandatory bookmaker when you want all the arbs in the list to include at least one arm offered by Marathon. To do this, just check the Marathon in the settings as mandatory office. This is done with one more click on the already selected bookmaker. Example of settings:  filter_setting_example
  7. Sports. It is possible to output arbs both in all and only in selected sports. This block is responsible for this setting.
  8. Arbs only on a timeout. Used in live events. By enabling this setting, you will only see arbs whose events are now on a break. Attention! Other arbs whose events are not on a break will not be displayed.


User profile settings

You can also configure the filter in the user profile; for this you need to go to it via the link in the main menu (log in before doing it), and then go to the “Settings” subsection of the Profile.

Most of the settings duplicate the filter settings in the list of arbs, so we’ll dwell only on those that can not be found in the list of arbs.


  1. The type of coefficients display. Several display options are available: European (decimal), British (fractional), American.
  2. Rounding order. This value will be automatically set in every calculator opened, which can shorten the time of its set up.
  3. Total amount of bet. This value will also be automatically set in the arb calculator when it is launched.
  4. Default currency. The value specified in this field will also be taken into account when launching the calculator. Attention! If you choose a different default currency in the settings for a particular bookmaker, this value will have a lower priority, and the currency that is set in the settings for the bookmaker will be displayed.