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Subscription allows a user to access surebets and valuebets depending on the chosen plan. The duration of the subscription is selected at the stage of its purchase.

Subscriptions can be renewed at a reduced price before it ends. The price of renewal is always lower than the purchase price. When prolonging a still valid subscription, the remaining time of the current subscription does not burn, but is added to the newly purchased one. You can not renew a subscription that has already ended. In this case, you must buy a new one.

In this section of the user profile, you get access to information on your current subscriptions, the ability to manage subscriptions, information on active promo codes, and some other control elements.

Let us consider the main sections.

Subscription management

This block contains a list of active or currently frozen subscriptions with a description of the plan, the end date and the possibility of freezing/activation.

subscriptions management

  1. Link to the page with plans where you can prolong/purchase the necessary subscription.
  2. Freeze/activate button for selected subscription. To freeze it, you must select the number of days for which you plan to suspend the operation of the subscription. You can freeze any subscription for the number of days available according to your plan.

Attention! In case of unplanned activation of a subscription (when the user does not wait for the date of activation planned before), 1 day (24 hours) is subtracted from the subscription.

Promotional codes

Promotional code is a special text code that gives a user the right to get a discount or free subscription. Promotional codes can be found in email newsletters (if the user has subscribed to this service) as bonuses for active participation in the work of the service or as parts of special promotional campaigns.

In order to use the promotional code, you need to activate it. This can be done on this page (Profile - Account), or on the plans page, right under the description of plans. After activation, the promotional code will be displayed in the list of active promo codes, where there will also be information what this promo code provides a user with and the date of its expiration.

An active promotional code is automatically applied when purchasing a subscription, displaying prices with a discount (if the promotional code implies a discount), or presenting a certain plan with a cost of 0 rub. in the plan scale, if the promo code implies a free subscription.

promocodes management

  1. List of active promo codes
  2. Field to activate the received promo code.

Change of password and newsletter subscription

The page also allows a user to change their password and subscribe/unsubscribe to the newsletter of the Service. The newsletter allows to receive news about the changes by email and be aware of the latest innovations. Those users who are actively involved in the life of the project and are subscribed to the mailing list may receive occasional promotional codes as a thank you from the Administration.