10 de agosto de 2023 14:52
We have an exciting announcement today that will surely delight all of you who are on the lookout for more opportunities to find arbitrage situatio...
28 de julio de 2023 11:44
Added a new service - Middles.
2 de julio de 2023 08:50
We've got some exciting news for you: Futsal has been added to our list of sports! Futsal is played on a smaller court than regular football, so it...
4 de abril de 2023 12:58
We're excited to announce that we've added a new sport—Rugby Union! We've been working hard to make sure that our platform has the most up-to-date ...
23 de marzo de 2023 09:14
We are happy to announce that is now available for all fans of live and prematch soccer betting and you can use it to place your wagers ...
6 de febrero de 2023 10:25
We are glad to announce that the OddsClicker browser extension now supports many mobile versions of Nigerian bookmakers. And this means you can aut...
28 de diciembre de 2022 16:15
We're excited to announce that we've added a new website for scanning—Pinup.This new feature gives you more opportunities to use BB and make more m...
23 de diciembre de 2022 11:35
Melbet was added to prematch and live scan.
16 de diciembre de 2022 17:10
We are happy to announce a new website to the prematch and live - Betboom. The company was founded in 2011 and scans more than 30 sports, including...
19 de noviembre de 2022 14:05
SupraBets has been added to scanner!
6 de agosto de 2022 11:04
Cashpoint added to scanned bookmakers. In prematch and live.
29 de octubre de 2020 10:03
Tempobet was added to prematch and live!
15 de octubre de 2020 07:24
Meridianbet was added.
5 de julio de 2020 09:02
Today we added another bookmaker: RETABet
5 de julio de 2020 09:00
Codere have been added.
20 de junio de 2020 11:28
We restored the Williamhill scanner.
31 de mayo de 2020 14:52
We have added a new sport: Darts.
27 de mayo de 2020 09:56
LionsBet was added
25 de mayo de 2020 13:17
AccessBet was added
18 de abril de 2020 18:58
Added a new sport - Table Tennis.The bookmaker Dafabet has also been added to Prematch.
21 de enero de 2020 10:46
BaltBet is now also available!
16 de enero de 2020 14:05
We added Mostbet. Enjoy!
28 de octubre de 2019 10:43
Hello,  We have added additional features: Redesigned window for removing (hiding) arbs. Now you can hide the current arb, also you can hide al...
13 de octubre de 2019 13:20
Good news! The popular Bet365 bookmaker is available for selection in the arbs filter!
3 de octubre de 2019 11:07
Tennisi is available now!
27 de septiembre de 2019 05:35
BetKing is already available.
10 de septiembre de 2019 11:12
Hello, BetWay is now available!
15 de abril de 2019 08:30
We made changes to the service interface. The main features of the new interface: the ability to open the calculator on the page of the list of ...
17 de febrero de 2019 12:30
Dear friends, a new option for filtering the list of arbs has become available. Now you can adjust the output so that only those forks are displa...
21 de diciembre de 2018 13:05
20% discount on all tariffs from December 21 until January 3! Hurry up to buy a subscription at a festive price!
7 de diciembre de 2018 12:15
Added a new section - Value bets. Value bets is available for all Tarrifs.
22 de octubre de 2018 16:20
A new features! Management of bookmaker mirrors are available in your Profile.
20 de octubre de 2018 15:05
More options for arbs filtration. Minimum and maximum rates for each bookie are available now. Thank you for being here with us!
19 de octubre de 2018 14:05
New filter option was added. Now you can set lifetime range for arbs. In seconds for live, in minutes for prematch.    We hope that this will ma...
15 de octubre de 2018 13:23
We are glad to inform you about new settings in your profile page. Now you can set the amount of bets and set rounding, and these values will be au...
5 de agosto de 2018 15:45
Today, a popular bookmaker in Nigeria was added. Meet NaijaBet!
3 de agosto de 2018 09:30
Payment system QIWI is available for payment!
30 de julio de 2018 13:20
We added a new bookie - Ladbrokes. Thank you for the feedback!
29 de julio de 2018 07:06
We are glad to inform about one more innovation - now you can set the output of the arbs by the groups of outcomes. There are such groups as: Main...
28 de julio de 2018 12:44
We added a new betting exchange - Matchbook.  Thanks for your propositions!
23 de julio de 2018 16:05
In the filter settings a new function was added - «skip integer/quartes outcomes". We hope that this will help you in your work!
15 de julio de 2018 11:23
At the request of our users we added the "Pause" and "Autopause" button. When you click Pause the list of arbs is updated until you remove the ser...
8 de julio de 2018 14:22
We are glad to announce a new bookmaker scanner - NairaBet. Nairabet is one of the most popular African bookmaker with the main currency - Naira. ...
1 de mayo de 2018 10:45
You're not too bored?   But we are not! We also glad to inform you about new features. You can choose the default currency for each source now a...
20 de enero de 2018 13:05
The separate online surebet calculator became available for public inspection. We hope this will greatly simplify your work. You can find him in t...
15 de diciembre de 2017 14:20
New bookmakers. We tested and added new betting exchanges: BetfairEx, Smarkets and Betdaq.  SMarkets - a young betting exchange, with not very la...
11 de diciembre de 2017 12:41
We are glad to announce that now in you can save the betting history. You can do this from the arb calculator by clicking the "+ b...
30 de noviembre de 2017 11:35
We updated the interface again and there are able to sort the arbs by percent and lifetime. Go to the filter settings: and select the sort ty...
13 de noviembre de 2017 14:31
Dear friends! We updated the interface, and now in the filter settings you can choose the required bookmakers. A required bookmaker is the bookmake...
9 de septiembre de 2017 11:05
Friends! Parimatch is available now! And how much is still to come! Enjoy! the team
11 de agosto de 2017 11:35
Hello arbers! The holiday season will soon be over, which means that the sports season begins! Therefore, at once we'll start with a pleasant new...
4 de julio de 2017 10:32
It's time to announce updates. Affiliate program is now available! Each user has a unique link to the service. Now everyone who registered in the ...
11 de junio de 2017 11:45
Hello friends! Today we will tell you about the next update, which touched the interface. First, now with a single click you can enable / disable...
24 de mayo de 2017 14:58
Hello friends! We continue to introduce you to our service, this time we will talk about the page "Bookmakers". Here you can find many interestin...
22 de mayo de 2017 04:05
We want to talk about another possibility of the service: the opportunity to create propositions for development. For example, you work with a book...
19 de mayo de 2017 16:03
Dear friends! We translated the site into other languages. Now the service is available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian. ...
7 de mayo de 2017 15:27
Hello! We added a new bookie! Meet TitanBet! the team
5 de mayo de 2017 05:54
Good news everyone! We have introduced a new feature - a surebet notifications! Now pop-up notifications about new surebets will be shown to you ...
2 de mayo de 2017 21:34
Friends! We added a new bookmaker - Favbet! You are welcome to reflect your views and suggestions by contacting us. Are you ready?   the Break...
15 de abril de 2017 11:45
Hello friends! We are glad to inform you: we have added two new bookmakers: Fonbet and Liga Stavok, and we do not plan to stop there! As always, ...
25 de marzo de 2017 09:38
Greetings arbers! Recently we have implemented a ticket system available in the user profile. Now you can send messages to the support team, track...
27 de enero de 2017 13:01
And again we are happy to inform you about the expansion of coverage of the tennis and volleyball events! There is still a lot of work ahead!
17 de enero de 2017 12:21
We are glad to inform you that we have seriously expanded the coverage of basketball and handball. Now arbs in these sports will be even more!
23 de diciembre de 2016 13:35
Dear friends, we are testing the new version of the service, so all of the functionality available with free mode. In order to see the full detail...
19 de octubre de 2016 10:23
We’ve just released a new version of BreakingBet with support list of twenty bookmakers and five sports!  List of bookmakers: OlimpBwinZenitMarat...
18 de septiembre de 2016 14:04
This time we are going to tell on how to use the service. The arbs list can be accessed from the website home page. You can either scroll down the ...
16 de septiembre de 2016 11:26
Dear Friends! We are pleased to introduce to all of you our new service for searching arbitration situations (arbs) in the betting industry! Curren...